Rose Quartz and Herkimer Diamond from Morocco Copper Bracelet

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This original wire wrapped wearable wrist piece is a step in our evolutionary process as well as a new page in our revolutionary archive of original hand crafted wearable works. The gems are wrapped with our secure time tested low profile technique designed to highlight the stone, offer access to touch the gems surface, and fit comfortably on various body types. A solid copper bangle stabilizes the gems in a symmetric pattern, synchronizing the metal and stones in such a way that the piece gives off a tangible resonance, in other words this piece is literally and figuratively GIVING OFF A VIBE.

•Benefits of Herkimer diamonds: high spiritual vibration, aid astral travel, healing of emotional problems, stimulate psychic visions, lucid dreaming, creativity, boost powers of perception, eyesight improvement.

Rose Quartz the Stone of Unconditional Love!