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For over 25 years, creating tools and jewels that enhance our connections with the Heavens and the Earth! We create one of a kind, original wirewrapped jewels, Ankhs and talismans with techniques that have been channeled from the Heavens. Take a look around. Enjoy. Feel free to contact us with your unique creation.

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About Us

Emerging out of the cultural mixing pot of America like all things born out of the genius of necessity, Infinite Treasures is a perpetual feat of making a lot out of a little. In the spirit of the Ancient Earth keeper tradition of Khepera Scarab Beetle, we gather what may be seen as waste and repurpose it into various expressions of life.

Like life, our motivation, mission, and compulsion is to achieve variety in every piece created. No two pieces exactly alike which is our way of affirming the importance of originality, which is key to our connection with the CREATOR.

Now in it’s 26th year since conception, the distinct styles and techniques offer durable, original jewels and spiritual tools that stand out in a crowd and change the conversation in a room.

Infinite Treasures LLC for over 25 years creating original wirewrapped crystal gemstone stone ankhs talismans jewelry bracelets neckalces rings original designs 5g protection reiki healing sacred geometry terrannium stone

Ras Na'Im Reasoning

The Ankh and Sacred Stones


  • It was beyond my expectations and more. It feels very energetic and silky smooth to touch, not real heavy with my energy as well. Infinite Treasures took their time to gift wrap as well as send a polishing towel and an extra gift of a crystal was sent. Thank you so much for the extra care and quality.er reviews or press releases to showcase your store’s happy customers.
  • if u own as much copper adorned implements as i do (like necklaces, bracelets, wrapped crystals; & so on;) your going to need these polishing cloths to keep your precious tools looking brand new; these cloths are very resilient; u can polish up to eight & more of your favorite weapons against negativity; almost instant delivery; magnificent extras; get u some today.
  • I love this beaded copper bracelet. It is a really nice quality. I actually ordered another the same day I received my order. I need to double up my copper.
  • Great items👏🔥💯👍 exceptional service😁pleased 💞Excellent service quality items Well prepared and packaged. fast shipping. This company is Truly a Blessing. Bless 💞
  • I bought this bracelet for a special occasion and the seller was so quick to respond, answer any questions I had, and wrote a gift note to go in the package. The seller also wrote up the meaning of the stone and included it in the package. Beautiful handmade bracelet with even better customer service!
  • Lady O.
  • Robert M.
  • Ikhlas A.
  • LOVE
  • Stephanie W.