Pink Calcite and Garnet crystal healing synergy reiki healing Ankh

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The is a handcrafted wire wrapped Pink Calcite and Garnet Crystal Healing Synergy Ankh. Pink Calcite is a Stone of Compassion it enhances flow of energy from the Crown to the Heart Chakra. It attracts peace, tranquility and well being. It can assist In bringing a gentle state of happiness. It can attract new opportunities and affection; teaching you about universal love.

Garnet is a powerful fiery red love stone. It is believed to be one of the oldest stones used for spiritual protection . It is said to harness 10x the LOVE attributes as Rose Quartz. What is so special about garnet is the fire! It works to bring about a loving,nurturing energy that is aligned and reasonable with each individual’s uniques frequency. The ability of Garnet to work with each unique frequency of the space or wearer is absolutely beautiful!