Clear Crystal Quartz Dowsing Pendulum

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Clear Quartz Crystal is known to bring good luck. Success, positivity, prosperity and can cleanse and open the sacral chakra. It emits a blissful glow and can energize any space and neutralize harmful electromagnetic frequency and microwave radiation.

Get to Know Your Pendulum Tips:

Hold pendulum as in picture 1. Make sure your arm is relaxed and your mind is clear.

Ask pendulum to show you "YES" should be a clockwise rotation. See Photo #3

Ask pendulum to show you "NO" should be a counterclockwise rotation. See Photo #4

Ask pendulum to show you "I do not need to know the answer" should be a back and forth swing. See Photo #5


These tips are what I learned from my mentor in 1999 and work well for me. I have heard of other techniques, so have fun and find out what works best for you. Remember to ask the pendulum simple questions with "YES or NO" answers. This takes practice, so be patient with yourself and your pendulum! Pendulum is intended for entertainment purposes only. If you have a serious concern or medical issue, please seek the appropriate professional advice.