Wearable ankh

This original design was conceived about five years ago circa 2015, it was inspired by a custom request that produced 2 ankhs of the specific type. In 2019 the recipient of this first wearable ankh request that more of them made. Approximately 5” x 3” in size made with 6 and 8 gauge copper wire this stylish wearable ankh is distinctively original.

We utilize a symmetric wire wrap technique that twist progressively tighter around the crystal triggering the crystals piezoelectric potential. Crystals and copper are some of the active ingredients in orgone technology, orgone devices emit negative ionic particles which are beneficial to all life and cancel out the dangerous effects of positive ionic energy, given off by cell phones, cell phone towers, modems, routers, computers screens, etc.

The crystals are suspended in framework of solid copper, molded into a sacred geometric and iconographic instrument 

"The Ankh”, synchronizing the attributes of the gemstones with the “negative green ray” or FREQUENCY emitted from all materials formed into the shape of the ankh. This “ negative green ray is a spiritual communication channel hence this attractive adornment also doubles as spiritual tuning devices ie prayer, meditation, channeling, reiki, divination etc.

Written by Infinite Treasures, LLC

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